An experiment in sound, performance, video and installation
by the SFAI Studio for Sound Strategies, guided by sound artist Laetitia Sonami

From December 8 - 11, the SFAI Studio for Sound will activate the LAB with "Rob
the Noise Bank," a presentation of interactive audio circuitry, sound sculptures,
light activated objects, videos, ladders and sea-weed. Opening night (December
8th at 7pm) will feature live performances that utilize computer generated
electronics, interactive media, and the instrument of the human body. Throughout
the exhibition, the audience will be able to appreciate a wide range of works
that experiment with sound as a medium. In one of the works, for example, the
audience will be able to manipulate the light around an object to create different
sounds, rhythms, and pitches. There will also be: an interactive dialogue between
the sonic and the visible through a "still life" of circuits; sound pieces where
the text itself becomes a sculpture, without the use of any material or object;
and organic material sculptures that utilize sound to add a new texture to their