Dec6 WEB2

Thursday, December 6, 2012
9 PM
$7 - $10 sliding scale

Break Up is celebrating a new release by Head/Head as well as the first installment of the Break Up Cassette Series!

Fever" b/w "Downtown", Head/Head's first vinyl release and first for Break Up. Fever captures the feeling of driving through a paranoid city at night: the drum machine marking the passing of the halogen street lights, the vocal chanting is the echo of a space's mixed memories, the synthesizer squiggles are that imagined movement in the rear-view mirror, a cerebral disco outpouring. Self described as an "existential slow jam", Downtown syncs a steady bass line, off kilter drum machines, and multi pitched vocals which capture that moment when you know its time to go home: the club is the most crowded and you feel the most alone. Limited to 500 copies, this seven inch record features a silk screened cover designed by the artist herself.

Break Up casts a net across the San Francisco Bay Area Dance/Electronic scene and surfaces 3 distinct and truly amazing artist. Space Burn of Oakland weigh-in with a heavy mix that simultaneously envelopes with friendly rhythms and disorients with subtle abrasion. Never Knows (AKA Marc Kate) taps into minimalist techno to supply the perfect soundtrack for high-speed travel through abandoned zones of freeway architecture. Lastly is Bézier who is Robert Yang (Honey Soundsystem, Robot Hustle); however, you wouldn't know considering the hard-hitting analog drive-by he has contributed. Each tape is hand stamped and has been designed with late nights and car rides in mind. Also featuring projections by Julia Litman!

Never Knows
Taking cues from its San Francisco home, Never Knows conveys the spiraling sense of vertigo from the Hitchcock film mixed with the dark urgency of fog rolling in at dusk and the hybrid electronic shamanism practiced within the city’s tech labs. Purposefully unsettling, and at times euphoric, Never Knows produces a unique music that snatches multiple influences from the past and deftly contextualizes them into future dilemmas. The project also practices conflict, pitting an allegiance to the dance floor against the need for subtle, thought-provoking soundscapes; or the pursuit of an ‘art’ versus a disposition towards more primal or visceral efforts. Most importantly, Never Knows makes music … cold, synthesized music that becomes warm through heartfelt purpose. There is a method to the madness, and all of these contradictions snuggly fit together to form the unexpected and always intriguing sound of Never Knows.

Head / Head
Head/Head is the electronic performance project of Nicole Ginelli. Inspired by the philosophical components of science fiction and early electronic music, Head/Head combines synth arrangements, vocal experimentation, and sound collage to create observational and existential music. Utilizing elements of gospel and lounge, Head/Head's first release (Six Hands on Catholic Tapes) created a dense, dreamlike soundscape of abandoned beach towns and siren calls cutting through the coastal fog.

Bézier is the live performance moniker of Robert Yang.Co-Founder: Discaire Records Resident DJ/Promoter: Honey Soundsystem. DJs as Robot Hustle.

Space Burn
Space Burn started back in 2009 as a recording project between Brian Tester and Steven Santa Maria. After hours of recordings and several new formations of a MIDI chain we eased into the world of playing out. Brian Tester is a musician/producer who is focused on live electronic music, experimental sound, psychedelia, and quirky or out-of-bounds electronic pop. Currenty indulging a love of minimal electronics and nursing a grid hangover. He has recorded and/or played on albums by Total Overcomers Anonymous, Triangle (of which he is a founding member), Bulbs, Jeepneys, Jealousy, Chen Santa Maria, Group Rhoda, Wave and Particle, Axolotl, Safety Scissors, The Busy Signals, Walker Kong, Fruit Bats, Le Flange Du Mal, and many others. Personal discography includes releases on Break-Up, Laser Palace, File 13, Essay Records, Pertin-nce, Smoke + Mirrors, Kodama, Rice and Beans/Beta Bodega, and Crooked Spine Records. In a former life, a writer for Ableton and Native Instruments.