Monday, March 11, 2013
8pm until 11pm sharp!
$7 - $15 sliding scal

R.K. Faulhaber
Contrary to what most internet searches turn up, R.K. Faulhaber is not a mysterious figure at all. For a quarter century he has been composing and recording his own music which he has managed to keep almost exclusively to
himself. Though largely self-taught, he has studied electro-acoustic composition with Barry Schrader and David Behrman at Cal-Arts, music engineering technology at Cogswell Polytechnical College and electronic music at De Anza College.

Rarely playing solo, he has performed in such ensembles as irr. app. (ext.), Xambuca, Nurse With Wound, Vacuum Tree Head and others. He has also collaborated with his sons on two shadow puppet performances. Steve Stapleton and Matt Waldron have been trying to pull him out of obscurity but have thus far been unsuccessful.  

Rinus van Alebeek
Rinus van Alebeek (1956, Heerlen, The Netherlands) is a writer who uses his environmental recordings on tape to narrate a story. During the nineties he published two books (pseud. Philip Markus) in his native country. An accidental encounter with electronic and avant garde music in the year 2000 at the Lem festival in Barcelona, and an introduction to the cassette culture gave way to his further artistic development. In the first decade of this century van Alebeek made a thorough research on how to make or manipulate recordings. Thanks to a great number of concerts, sometimes an average of ten in a month, he developed an approach of which people say it is ‘ between noise and pure poetry.’

C.J. Barosque
C. J. Barosque is a well known bay area based writer,  improviser and noise artist and a visual artist whose home is in the underground music of the San Francisco Bay Area. She has performed at the NorCal Noise fest on several occasions, The Big Sur Experimental Music Festival (2003/04), The Oakland Noise festival and twice at the Spring Reverb experimental music festival in San Diego. Mostly notably at the San Diego Museum of Modern Art. Her music is based on the notion that there is a "spirit in the machine" and animating principle to the mechanism of the universe, like the fleshy parts of a cyborg.....

Dictionary of Ghosts
Dictionary of Ghosts is the solo project of Robbie Cluck. He employs tape loops, field  recordings, circuit bent toys, and digital processing to create ambient and rhythmic soundscapes that explore the intersections of drone and noise.

Critical Monkey
Critical Monkey is the sound project of robi kauker for exploring worlds of noise and emotion. elements of found, created, generated and degenerate sound are stitched together for the engagement of the contemporary primate. building upon the noise of the detached social structural collapse, a devolution of the instinctive melodies and rhythms emerge to satisfy the simian soul.

(d p l-gr ). adj. gray with an ill-defined mottling of a darker shade.
[Nava Dunkelman] percussion + [Jeanie-Aprille Tang] electronics
Omittance of identifiable tonal objects for a conversation between electronics and percussion counterparts. overlap. echoes. repetition. disoriented messages. deconstruction. reconstruction. disconcerting of linear time. free time.

Christina Stanley
Christina Stanley Is a bay area based violinist, composer and vocalist who holds an MFA in Music Performance and Literature from Mills College, where she studied violin with David Abel, composition and improvisation with Fred Frith and Roscoe Mitchell and won the Margaret Lyon prize for excellence in music. She also holds a BM from San Francisco State University where she received a full performance scholarship and studied violin with Daniel Kobialka, Jassen Toderov and the Alexander String Quartet. She is currently an active performing violinist, improviser and composer, working as a solo artist as well as a member of various ensembles. She has been a featured performer for the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival at SF MOMA and has premiered works by Roscoe Mitchell under conductor Petr Kotik. Her original painted graphic scores were featured this year at the Outsound New Music Summit in San Francisco. She is passionate about working with living composers and composing new music.

Ear Spray
Synthesizing electronics, percussion, and voice into dynamic and strange aural landscapes and improvisations. Ear Spray has been playing together for three years.
Carlos Jennings - electronics
Ann O’Rourke - vocals
Ann O’Rourke and Mark Pino - electronicized cymbals and Nunnish steel plate, found objects

National Disgrace
National Disgrace, consisting of Fred Rinne, Andy DeGiovanni and Kit Young originated in the early 1980s in San Francisco, Oakland and Emeryville amid the chundering broth of punk, disco, industrial music forms, mixing these with sculpture, text and performance happenings at Shoreline Ampitheater, Great American Music Hall, S F Art Institute and 100s of other venues/galleries. Instrumentation is home made or adapted strings, winds, machines, found percussion and phonograph records. Most recently, National Disgrace accompanied poet Marshall Weber, of Brooklyn NY in a recital at Artists Television Access in San Francisco and celebrated the teeth of Glenn Campbell at the Church of the Buzzard, Oakland. National Disgrace is working on an exercise video to be released in Summer, 2013, titled "National Disgrace Gets Physical".

Birds You Once Knew
Fermented tape artifacts, amplified small field sounds and primitive electronics.