Saturday, March 23, 2013
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Ryan Gregory Tallman
Ryan Gregory Tallman (b. 1977) is a sonic artist from Fresno, CA. Tallman’s primary compositional focus is the manipulation and
exploitation of the inherent resonant frequencies of acoustic spaces—rendering much of his work site-specific and experiential. As a
graduate from the Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Music and Recording Arts program at Mills College, Tallman studied under and
performed with Fred Frith, Pauline Oliveros, Maggie Payne, and Roscoe Mitchell. Tallman has toured the Western United States extensively for the past 10 years and is currently planning an extended tour of the U.S. East Coast as well as Europe. He has released recordings through Petcord, Isolationism Records, Subspine Records, Planetarium Records, as well as a new recording through Important Records' brand new cassette imprint, Cassauna in 2011. A forthcoming vinyl release will be available through Bristol-based Peripheral Records in late 2012.

Waxy Tombs
Waxy Tomb is the name of the disequilibrium chamber which is used for the cooling process after the topological transformations of cylindrical self-columns have been throughly collapsed or dis-localized by ocular-temporal shifts in phase space. This is necessary for the identification of the sutures and seam-lines between modified supra-objects within system-forms. These sutures are exemplified in their localizable state as space between skin and skeleton, building and infrastructure. But they can also be localized by temporal states: layered embalming allows a shifted object to also contain its own system formation manipulation. To make the sutures re-identifiable and enclose them in a workable material for re-structuring shape-space, they must be dislocated from their localized place, state or process between. Their re-enclosure involves a repeated spacial modeling, re-enactment of their original surface tension patterns and finally nodal-substrate recollection. This many layered stretching and refolding of phase space results in a diffuse and intricately situated self-embedded temporal column.

Black Spirituals
Black Spirituals is a project by Oakland based artist Zachary James Watkins. Black Spirituals self titled debut cassette released on the
UK based label The Tapeworm has garnered positive reviews. Deep exploration into harmonics  resonance and patience inform Black

IN/S is the duo of John Davis and Collin McKelvey. Recent work has focused on reel to reel based tape loops to create an immersive sound
environment. The duo has recently released a record and artist book focusing on the liminal spaces within the SFMOMA building.

John Davis works with moving images and sound, expanding their relationships through experimentation, chance, collaboration and
improvisation. John's work has exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, as well as
various international media art festivals including Transmediale, Impakt and Videoex. John has exhibited and performed extensively in
the Bay Area with artists including filmmakers Lawrence Jordan, Kerry Laitala and Paul Clipson. John's music has been released on Root
Strata, Digitalis, Ltd., Student's of Decay, Peasant Magik labels, with a full-length LP due out on Students Of Decay in early 2013. John
received his MFA from The San Francisco Art Institute and resides in Oakland, CA.

Collin McKelvey is an Oakland based artist working with sound and video to create sight specific performances. McKelvey has shown work
at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, Southern Exposure, Royal Nonesuch Gallery, ATA, Human Resources, the Berkeley Art Museum, The Geffen Center at LACMA and other artist spaces throughout the US.