Sunday, March 31, 2013
NOON until 2PM sharp!
$5 - $10 Sliding scale or FREE with membership

Join us for an afternoon of audio question marks, mind punctuation, & experimental sounds, all leaking into transcendence with gourmet vegan pancakes!

+DOG+ was formed in 1990 in Osaka Japan and then re-located to Massachusetts in 1993 then moved to CA in 1997. +DOG+ has played shows in the UK, Belgium and Japan besides around the US. +DOG+ and it’s label Love Earth Music have been attempting to support the noise/experimental ‘scene’ and pollute the airwaves and will continue to do so. +DOG+ ‘s latest release “Greetings from Moot Point, CA” is their 37th release and they are currently working on their upcoming release “fuck faced failures” slated for release later in 2012 on Love Earth Music. 

RULE 19 (LA)
Rule 19 is a solo sound exhibition.  It consists solely of railroad warning devices. This performance only takes place once every five years -- Don't miss this chance to see it!!
Obsessed with railroad sounds at an early age, Daniel van Beers has surrounded himself with many different loud sound generating devices used in and around the railroad.  The obvious first choice were airhorns.  What started as a single horn multiplied into 20+ over the years.  It didn't stop there.  Crossing bells both mechanical and electronic were the next step, and the electronic locomotive bell is the latest addition. Being a long time friend with Steve from +DOG+, the two pondered the idea of merging +DOG+'s intense sound performance with some familiar but unexpected sounds from around the railroad tracks.  At last the time has come.

Plants and animals. Tree hugging devil music.

A direct descendent of live sound performances with Skozey Fetisch (since 1993), Amphibious Gestures is an experimental electrono forum for extreme panning above and below the waterline. Minimalistic oscillation compositions executed thru ambidextrous fingerwork focusing mainly on the concept of living organisms that can survive on both land and sea, creating war tactics and utilizing sound as weapons. Live performances may include reptilian uniforms, humanistic masks, and color morphing lights.


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