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False Starts: Beverly Dahlen, Susan Gevirtz and Sara Larsen

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7-9pm, readings start promptly at 7:30pm
$8 entry (no one turned away for lack of funds), free for members

A native of Portland, Oregon, Beverly Dahlen has lived and worked in San Francisco for many years. Her first three books (Out of the Third; A Letter at Easter; The Egyptian Poems) were republished by Little Red Leaves Editions in 2012. Parts of her long open-ended work called A Reading have been published over the years by various presses. She has recently published work in the anthology ATTN: July 31, 2015 published by Further Other Book Works. Beverly Dahlen is a recipient of a 2013 Grants to Artists Award from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts in New York.

Susan Gevirtz’s books of poetry include AERODROME ORION & Starry Messenger, Kelsey St., 2010; BROADCAST, Trafficker, 2009; Thrall, Post Apollo, 2007; Hourglass Transcripts, Burning Deck, 2001. CIRCADIA is due out from Nightboat in 2016. Her critical books are Narrative’s Journey: The fiction and Film Writing of Dorothy Richardson, Peter Lang, 1996; and Coming Events (Collected Writings), Nightboat, 2013. She teaches at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, California. Gevirtz has co-organized the annual translation and conversation meeting of The Paros Symposium with Greek poet Siarita Kouka, and guest organizers Helen Dimos, Eleni Stecopoulos, and Liana Sakelliou for ten years.

Sara Larsen is a poet living in Oakland. Along with David Brazil, she co-edited TRY magazine for many years. Chapbooks include NOVUS, A,a,a,a,a, The Hallucinated, Merry Hell and After Sappho. The bookAll Revolutions Will Be Fabulous was released by Printing Press in the fall of2014. Her new full-length book, Merry Hell, is forthcoming from Atelos Press.


Beverly Dahlen

            smoky white  a simple country wine that
            smacks of citrus   crisp pears     & sweet
            peaches    with just “a hint of grass”  on
            the tongue at the finish    lingers & deep
            ens as the evening swirls on          as the
            stars proceed   as Venus rises        as the
            moon sets         as the planetsboth near
            & distant           rhyme with one another
            turn & curtsy    kiss goodnight      move
            to China     then to Russia           France
            England   waking in New York           &
            stretch across the plainsdeeply scarred
            furrowedwith rain

            come at last to California   the northern
            coastal valleys      mist in the vineyards
            at dawn  

            come at last to California   the northern
            coastal valleys      mist in the vineyards
            at dawn  

          February 24, 2014


Susan Gevirtz

when the sky

always cracking up

covers their heads

electrocuted thorn sunset              
      rest torn from

           those on

                   the Devour and Ravenous tour


                                        faceless kleptos
                                                         zero-in birds of prey

                                                 tooth and crave
                                                         have it all to yourself

                                               dark clutch

Now to sleep, sweet silverware in a drawer

       shut-up by the shock of plenitude

Your somniloquy and teeth grinding
never done

and so our love

             hunger abated by a fictitious meal


Sara Larsen

from Merry Hell


               eveni             bit the dust   my price is slaughter           heli o polis  

accounts in arrears      debtshells      bone-dead creatures lay outwith   out   cons  

on the beach   conchshells     endless strikes   of      light   ening           patrimony’s digging out

to approach fear you must go upside-down      sail underside     rounded earth whe re  
                                                                                                                                                ocean surges
where my bureaucratic purchase of a $4 latte drops out

     i see the hemoglobin of my dead comrades soft as watermelon

                i see my grandmother unseize     all ropes linked              

Aphrodite’s seafoam wave    washes up the corpse and decay


False starts is curated by Steven Seidenberg (

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