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Brutal Sound Effects Festival #80: Leticia Castaneda & Mitchell Brown

Leticia Castaneda

“a compositional strategy of subtle disorientation”

The protean nature of the amplification system and the unpredictable abandonment of personal inhibitions dominate the spontaneity of her live composition. As a performer, she can be shatteringly emotional in word and action. If perplexed by acoustics or system interference, she compromises sabotage with blatant disregard until a satisfactory control is established. Notable performances have included; Wooden Octopus Festival, Seattle WA, An Audible Instigation Toward the Discovery of Instant Confession Ausland, Berlin, Beyond Music Festival Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA, Center for Experiments in Art, Information, and Technology CEAIT Festival Cal Arts, Valencia, CA, Sound Shift, Big Sur, CA, SASSAS presents sound. Schindler House, Los Angeles, CA, Line Space Line Festival of Improvised and Experimental Music, Los Angeles, CA and SFEMF San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, CA. Leticia’s means of participation in these events include; solo electro-acoustic improvisation, composition exhibition, audio environments to accompany sculpture, collaborative improvisation, audio drama, and site-specific installation. Collaborations in public or private settings include; Antoine Chessex, Lionel Marchetti, Jerome Noetinger, Jessica Catron, Mitchell Brown, Dave Phillips, Aaron Ximm, Rick Potts, Joseph Hammer, Raionbashi, Smegma, Omid, Reynols, Albert Ortega, Fanon Flowers and Josie Roth. Association has been noted with the Los Angeles Free Music Society and Fluxus.

Leticia’s debut full-length CD, On the Verge of Redundance, was released by Chicago-based CIP in 2004. Criticism has documented comparison with electronic composers such as Eliane Radigue, Mary-Anne Amacher, Francisco Lopez, Subotnick, Maxfield and Oliveros, has been cited as possessing “a richness and warmth that recalls an earlier generation of analogue pioneers”, compositions which “revel in a thrift store brutism that engages the aesthetic of musique concrete with a lo-fi sensibility”. Her live performance, recognized by The Wire’s Christopher DeLaurenti writes: “Castaneda’s carefully calibrated volume and gorgeous timbres evaporated the barrier between loudspeaker and raw sound in a singular fashion”.


Los Angeles native Mitchell Brown is a DJ on radio stations KXLU and Dublab (as Nanny Cantaloupe), a music label owner (Melon Expander Records) and an assistant to developmentally disabled children. As a sound artist/musician he improvises and composes with analog synthesizers & other electronics, magnetic tape manipulation, electro-acoustics, drums and percussion. Brown's artistic sensibilities can sometimes be related to various natural psychological and physiological states one can channel when casting aside social judgments in favor of a more solipsistic approach to the human senses. Current musical projects include Sana Shenai (duo w/ Jimmy Tamborello), the Sun Araw Trio, Golden Hits, Points of Friction, Fancy Space People, Plasmodian Telecaves, Brain Sucking Peanunanners and collaborations with Joseph Hammer, M. Geddes Gengras, Jean-Paul Jenkins, John Wiese, Ahnnu and Matthewdavid, among others.


Performing on a variety of instruments, including the prepared/extended Rhodes electric piano, as well as piano, melodica, celeste, organ, Waterphone, and toy piano, SF Bay Area composer/improviser Eric Glick Rieman performs improvised and previously structured music in several settings, both solo and in groups, He has performed with the Mills College Contemporary Performance Ensemble in Oakland, CA, USA since 1999, and received an MFA from Mills in Electronic Music and the Recording Media in 2001. Rieman writes for piano, Rhodes electric piano, and ensembles.

Rieman has recorded with Fred Frith (of Henry Cow, Naked City, Keep the Dog, Cosa Brava), Lesli Dalaba (of 2005 Tzadik solo release "Timelines", Jeff Greinke's Land, Elliot Sharp's Carbon), Carla Kihlstedt (of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Tin Hat Trio, Two Foot Yard, Cosa Brava), Stuart Dempster (Merce Cunningham Dance Troupe, Deep Listening Band), Zoe Keating, and Tom Heasley. He has performed with Ikue Mori, Fred Anderson, Daniel Godston, David Boykin, Marcos Fernandes, Amy Denio, Matt Ingalls, David Slusser, Kristin Miltner, and John Ingle, and he has performed the work of Roscoe Mitchell, Eliane Radigue, Meredith Monk, Fred Frith, Cecil Taylor, Alvin Curran, Pauline Oliveros, Terry Riley, James Tenney, George Lewis, and Alvin Lucier under the composers' supervision.


Spooky Action aka Moo Kau, is the project of solo sound artist Douglas Benner who teaches synth building in San Francisco. Working on a homebrew analog modular synthesizer, armed with, vco's, slope generators long frequency oscillators and variable filters, Douglas weaves for us a tapestry of sounds, chemical landscapes, cacophonous sweeps & drones...... Moo Kao is Douglas' latest incarnation, it is a story of the discovery and interaction with non-localized trans-variable phenomena. Through careful modulation of vibrational harmonic field ratios relative to local fields, and the tertiary core conjunction unit, long frequency oscillations are bounced off satellites and Mr. Kao makes these non-local anomalous variations apparent in 3 dimensions.


The Eurostache group is a project centering around electro-acoustic real-time collaborative experiments in sound. The core ensemble is frequently augmented with guests from the San Francisco Bay Area. We explore sound-space through the lens and energy of child-like wonderment. Listeners often comment on being drawn into a dreamy escape. Our key experimental technique is using novel instruments, found objects, meta-processing and sound recordings in unusual combinations with traditional instruments. Vocalists employ extended techniques to humanize the highly transient and diverse cacophony. Musical constructs such as composition and melody are set aside as we travel toward the fringes of sound. Performances often incorporate additional layers of audience interaction, such as improvisational comedy, body movement, and live scoring to films. and


Music For Hard Times is an iconoclastic, non-idiomatic, free improvisational, amplified acoustic noise duo from San Francisco that features the home made, self invented, experimental instruments of Tom Nunn and the deconstructed electric bass stylings of Paul Winstanley. Formed in 2011 and recording virtually every time they get together (weekly) MFHT has released a barrage of their sonic experiments online -, in limited run hand-made CD packages - and more recently on the Public Eyesore label -  with the release 'City of Cardboard'. In reviewing this CD Rotodzzaj (the jazzdoctor) says"...moments filled with every second of your wildest after-hours nightmare. For those who freak totally on great noise, this gets my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, though I’d caution those who are too deeply embedded in “normal” to move on to the next rack in the record shop. “EQ” (energy quotient) rating is 4.97. (out of 5)" while The Sound Projector reports " I’d defy anyone to deny that what they were hearing was a recently unearthed session where Robert Rutman (he of the steel cellos semi-fame), was discovered guesting with k-rock free cosmo-jazzers Annexus Quam !! Captivating sounds from humble sources indeed."


Tax-paying Bay area resident in good standing for 8 years. In the year 2009 placed third for World's Longest Duration Spent in an Apartment without Opening the Curtains at a qualifying time of 3 years, 10 months, six days, and 57 minutes. Has been pooped upon by pigeon no less than twice in the span of a decade. Enjoys miracles, conversations with solipsists, and celibacy. No flash photography.

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