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False Starts: Emily Hunt, Hannah Brooks-Motl and Paul Ebenkamp


Emily Hunt

on the ceiling I drew something
to delete an end

it could describe black
and pass through text, like reading

on vacation, veering from a series
lying on the floor

a symptom of the universe
as common as the beach


Hannah Brooks-Motl

The description of oneself as “sturdy”
The field patterned after that which has received it
A daisy pattern, at the end of moon
In nature I had no correlative feature: young, yet unfresh
The cup of mint, and the one of oil
Positions were compelling though ordinary
To use certain words
Radiant but growing dim on the sill
He took the machine and she the portrait
Each felt more maroon


Paul Ebenkamp
The Unavailable Memory of


You, your attention

by the testcard

called “Dust Rises From Highways”—


You whose
generally pretty leaden
programming of a sudden cuts
clear of itself, in an odd gust—



You, a mostly empty set

whose channels
may be changed

though they weigh a distant ton—

Emily Hunt has published poems in The Iowa Review, the Pen Poetry Series, The Volta, jubilat, Diagram, TYPO, and elsewhere. In 2013, Brave Men Press published This Always Happens, a book of her drawings. Her first collection of poems, Dark Green, is now available from The Song Cave.

>Hannah Brooks-Motl is the author of the full-length collection The New Years (Rescue Press, 2014) and the chapbook The Montaigne Result (The Song Cave, 2013). Recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in Best American Experimental Writing, the Cambridge Literary Review, and Prelude. She currently lives in Chicago, where she is a PhD student at the University of Chicago.

Paul Ebenkamp is author of The Louder the Room the Darker the Screen (Timeless, Infinite Light, 2015), "Four Colors for the Based God" (The Equalizer: Second Series, 2014), "Seizured in the Ease" (Mondo Bummer, 2013), and everything at, and is editor of Modernist Women Poets: An Anthology (co-edited with Robert Hass, Counterpoint, 2014), Particulars of Place: New Poems by Richard O. Moore (co-edited with Brenda Hillman and Garrett Caples, Omnidawn, 2015), and Song of Myself: A Lexicon of Walt Whitman (co-edited with Robert Hass, Counterpoint, 2009). With Andrew Kenower he curates the Woolsey Heights reading series, and with strings and devices makes music as Position. 

False starts is curated by Steven J. Seidenberg (