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The Lab is a nonprofit experimental art and performance space located in the Mission District of San Francisco.

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OXBOW with Black Spirituals

$18 general / $12 for members of The Lab
8:00pm doors / 8:30pm music

Hailing from San Francisco, California, OXBOW is a legendary musical group known for their unique blend of noise, avant-garde jazz, musique concrete (AMG) and the Blues, creating bizarre and plangent soundscapes with overtones of paranoia, revulsion and exaltation. In a rare and unusual departure from the artful sound and fury that has earned them international renown, OXBOW presents an electricity-free evening of acoustic renditions from their songbook.

Photos by Michael Zelner.

Black Spirituals, of Oakland CA, are a locally venerated duo of creative sound-makers who articulate meaning at the ecstatic intersection of tone-generating electronics & the heart-thumping, acoustic percussion technologies. Predicated upon their libidinal drive to produce the narrative of our musical expositions,  Black Spirituals mediates a threefold vernacular presence,  the instigation of unfurling cultural dynamics, and the relationship mediation collective logics:

      (1) Simultaneous soloistic vernacular development;
      (2) Employment of individual narratives in tandem; and,
      (3) Combined, multi-aesthetic approaches.

Black Spirituals has released multiple albums, Of Deconstruction (Sige Records, 030), High Vibration Resonance Vol.1 (The Tapeworm), Group Three: Live at the Berkeley Art Museum featuring electronic musician and synthesizer maker Kaori Suzuki (Touch Radio #98 ) , and Black Listening (Sixtyhurts). Also Zachary James Watkins’ initial recording Black Spirituals can be heard on cassette via Tapeworm.

Photo by Lenny Gonzalez

Photo by Lenny Gonzalez