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The Lab is a nonprofit experimental art and performance space located in the Mission District of San Francisco.

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Christine Bonansea Company: FLOATERS The Trilogy
April 8-9, 2016

Artistic direction and choreography: Christine Bonansea
Performers: Michaela Burns, Liane Burns, Christine Bonansea, Sherwood Chen, Sebastian Grubb, Alexander Zendzian
Sound composition and performance: Voice Handler with Danishta Rivero and Jacob Felix Heule
Visual and light design: Ian Winter and Olivia Ting
Production: Christine Bonansea Company
Supported by: The Lab - San Francisco, 2016; Dock11 Eden, 2013-14 - Berlin; 
Foundation for Contemporary Arts 2014; American Dance Abroad 2014,  Milk Bar rResidency program, Kunst Stoff arts residency program, LAD from Dancer’s Group 2014. 
Photos: George Carpenter

Floaters is a kinetic laboratory of choreography, video and sound. Christine Bonansea developed Floaters over the course of two years, experimenting and performing variations of the piece in various countries. Improvisation became integral to adapting the piece to different performance contexts.  In every context, the audience is contained in the center of an environment made unstable by sound, projected light, and surrounded by the bodies of performers.

The tone of the pieces is transformed by music scored and performed by Voicehandler, who create artificially perceived and illusory tones. These eerie sounds are amplified using induction coil microphones, which explore electromagnetic fields, mirroring the inner sounds of the nervous system – our body's' own electrical field.

This will be the first performance of the complete Floaters triptych.