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The Lab is a nonprofit experimental art and performance space located in the Mission District of San Francisco.

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Dynasty Handbag: I, An Moron or Childless White Lesbian Coyote in Hollywood, (A Star Spangled Bummer)

8pm Doors / 8:30pm Show
SOLD OUT, but a few discounted standing room only tickets will be released at 8:20pm, pending space and availability. First come first serve – please form a queue at the door next to the will-call line to claim.

After a sold out premier at the Hammer Museum, Dynasty Handbag brings her demento stand up to her old slopping grounds, San Francisco's Mission District at The Lab!

Dynasty Handbag's new falling-apart stand-up show is a current events review of her privates and her publics, covering topics such as white women having babies and how this makes her feel enraged/grossedout/inadequate, a cover of Rihanna’s well-known blue-collar anthem celebrating the proletariat, why lesbians drink things out of jars, and an analysis of coyote discrimination in relationship to the Hollywood desert nightmare that is now a metaphor for complete global destruction. Show is updated to include horrible current event jokes. Day of show events even.

“One of the nuttiest and most brilliant artists working today.” –Artillery Magazine

“...hilarious and extraordinarily original.”– Paper Magazine

“Outrageously smart, grotesque and innovative.” – The New Yorker

“one of the most insanely funny, tone-perfect pieces of performance art I have seen in years.” – New York Times

Artillery Magazine on "I, An Moron" - 
"Dynasty Handbags dreams of financial security couldn't completely kill her nihilist streak, thank God! She started family friendly enough, dressed in a dapper white pantsuit and talking about lesbians who BYO hemp water to cultural events, because they are so environmentally conscious that they wont use corporately wasteful and probably racist Dixie cups for soy milk beverages that are responsible for destroying the rain forest. "We lesbians always have a large hairy foot in the responsible hole," she noted.

Cameron started to bring back the freak soon enough, though, - oh, heres Dynasty Handbag stripping to her flesh-colored Spanx and giving birth with groans and Beelzebub screams to an invisible totoh, heres Dynasty Handbag now talking about how she got pregnant with her wife's eggs and her dogs, stepfathers, and brothers sperm. Next came a super weird bit where Dynasty Handbag enacted being in a woman's body and her joy of being in my golden globe by pretending to pick muffin crumbs out of her sweats for several minutes, and then pantomiming washing her feet for several more. Next, she sang Led Zeppelins Over the Hills and Far Away (Hey lady you got the love I need/Maybe more than enough) in a frantic shriek and then shouted This is going to get me into the Whitney MacArthur Guggenheim gift card, but if not, I don't care because Ive got Hollywood!
- Yxta Maya Murray

Jibz Cameron is a performance/video artist and actor living in Los Angeles. Her work as alter ego Dynasty Handbag has been presented at such institutions as MOCALA, PS1, Joe's Pub, The Kitchen, REDCAT, The Broad Museum, Hammer Museum, New Museum of Contemporary Art New York, among others. She has been heralded by the New York Times as the funniest and most pitch perfect performance seen in years and outrageously smart, grotesque and innovative by The New Yorker. She has written and produced 6 evening length performance pieces and countless short works that have been performed in clubs and venues internationally. She has produced numerous video works and 2 albums of original music. In addition to her work as Dynasty Handbag she has also been seen acting in films, theater and television (internet web series no one has seen). She also works as a professor of performance and comedy related subjects at Cal-Arts and NYU, as well as lecturing at such institutions such as Cornell University, Wesleyan University, Yale, among others. Cameron also produces and hosts Weirdo Night, a popular monthly alternative comedy and performance event.  Jibz recently moved from New York to Los Angeles and is in development with Electric Dynamite on a television series about a performance artist that moves from New York to Los Angeles.

Photos by Charlie Gross