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The Lab is a nonprofit experimental art and performance space located in the Mission District of San Francisco.

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Universe is Lit: Bay Area Black and Brown Punk Festival

DJ Gaycay ~ Maya Songbird ~ Xuxa Santamaria ~ Forbidden Colors ~ The Breathing Light ~ Ugly ~ Auto Romantix ~ Demongay ~ DJ Piano Rain ~ Las Sucias
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The Universe is Lit: Bay Area Black and Brown Punk Fest is inspired by the Black and Brown Punk Show Collective’s series of fests beginning in Chicago during the Summer of 2014 as a way for POC/Queer/Trans punx in Chicago to connect and keep the punk scene diverse and safe. The Universe is Lit Fest aims to continue in the traditions of the Black and Brown Punk Show Collective in Chicago, Not Enough Fest in Portland, and the Think and Die Thinking Festival in San Jose, CA.


* are to share uninterrupted displays of raw emotions produced by Black and Brown people.
* to revel in a fully immersive sonic and visual experience fronted by Black and Brown artists
* to highlight non-linear, obscure, cacaphonic and melodic works of art from Black and Brown musicians
* to reclaim the legacy of a genre created by and embedded in the DNA of Black and Brown people
* to praise the unconventional creations springing forth from Black and Brown experiences
* to continue the legacy of Black and Brown freaks who existed before us and will continue to exist long after us


* that sound is healing and transformative
* in our power as cosmic beings who are, literally, derived from stardust
* in expressions of joy, creativity and collaboration as acts of resistance and transcendence

The organizers of Bay Area’s Universe is Lit Fest seek to honor and exalt the existence of Black and Brown musicians, artists, and freaks throughout history, from the pre-patriarchal era and beyond. We recognize ourselves as future ancestors and in the words of Grace Jones aim to “let them know we’re here!” across the expanses of time and experience.

Highlights include live performances by national and international bands such as The Breathing Light (Chicago); F U Pay Us (Los Angeles), Divide and Dissolve (Melbourne, Australia), SBSM (Oakland); Younger Lovers (Bay Area), and Xuxa Santamaria (Puerto Rico and Oakland). A new band showcase and improvisational workshop are also on the menu, providing fest goers the opportunity to explore and debut their own musical talents.

For more information about the Universe is Lit: Bay Area Black and Brown Punk Festival including the full schedule of events, visit


Jade Ariana Fair is a visual artist and a performer in the noise duo Earthbound.

Sharmi Basu is an event organizer practiced at creating spaces for Black and Brown people, and a musician in many bands including her solo noise project, Beast Nest.

Shawna Scroggins is a DJ, party organizer enthusiast, and multi-instrumentalist.

Titania Kumeh is an art model, ersatz journalist, and performance artist.  

(Scroggins, Kumeh, and Basu are also bandmates together in a gospel, no-wave band called Ugly).

Later Event: August 12
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