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The Lab is a nonprofit experimental art and performance space located in the Mission District of San Francisco.

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Club Chai and Shade present DJ Lag

$15 general admission / $10 members
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Club Chai and SHADE present South African DJ and producer DJ Lag. DJ Lag is known for pioneering the quintessentially Durban bass driven genre of Gqom beyond his own city and across the international dance music underground.

Club Chai is a label, event series, radio show and curatorial project founded by 8ULENTINA and FOOZOOL in Oakland, California. Club Chai centers diasporic narratives, women, and trans artists, DJs and producers while hybridizing nonwestern sounds with club music.

Shade is a concept. An art house. A name cultivated out of a friendship between two creative women of color who saw a void online and in the art world. Shade is currently run out of the Bay Area. Our space is ever changing and uncontainable.

DJ Lag: ‘Poster boy’ or his preferred descriptor of “king of gqom”—there’s no disputing DJ Lag has propelled the raw, foot-stomping, quintessential sound of Durban’s townships into the global music arena. A dark, minimalist, bass-heavy sound, full of offbeat thumps and stunted vocal snippets—DJ Lag’s visceral, evocative tunes continue to showcase its continued mutations.

8ULENTINA is a DJ, producer and interdisciplinary artist based in Oakland, California. 8ULENTINA’s work focuses on the use of non Western sounds and traditional Middle Eastern instruments within the genres of dance music, ambient, noise and sound design. 8ULENTINA is the co-founder of Club Chai, a Bay Area based event series, record label and curatorial project that highlights diasporic narratives and queer and trans people of color. 

FOOZOOL (aka Lara Sarkissian) is a DJ, producer and co-founder of Club Chai in the Bay Area, California. Under the moniker FOOZOOL, she produces forward-thinking club focused DJ edits, remixes and collaborations, that have been released on labels Salviatek, Nostro Hood System and more. Under her own name Lara Sarkissian, she produces electronic music, sound design and audiovisual installations that weave in experimental sounds, approaches and storytelling with Armenian influences, tracing back to her roots in film.

SPL: Apryl aka softpinklight (because the internet) is a writer from Southern California now based in the Bay Area. She's the co-founder of Shade, a queer concept brand and art house founded by two creative women of color. As a true Capricorn, she is ever evolving and encompasses a myriad of creative expressions. Bask in some SPL @softpinklight on IG. 

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