The Lab

The Lab is a nonprofit experimental art and performance space located in the Mission District of San Francisco.

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Psychodropping: raising a hire self: consultations in blended mediums

8:30pm Doors / 9pm Performances
$15 Guests / Free for members
Reserve seats: member login or guest registration

2018 tour launch for Oracle+ (OAK), RRLEW (NYC) and Frank's Tina Takes (OAK), also the release party for a new Oracle+ DVD on Resipiscent Records.

If video were marble slab, Oracle+ carves negative space to uncover its neolithic paintings and stained voices. This is free-form divined and reenacted aesthetics, not your art museum's brand of self-expression but something spookier by a fathom, teasing familiars into view only to dispel, casting them back into sinkholes of tactile video, sound art, costume, sculpture, guided nightmare humor and collective memory. Now, as in millennia past, to consult an oracle is to greet fate, not what transcends the blizzard, but what is hidden within it. Oracle+ are Stephanie and Miel Lister, sisters raised up from Florida, in the conflux of rusting muscle cars and computers, televangelical fashion and eco-cataclysm. None of which touched the haunted calm shared between them, a secret of sisters enlarged into another sphere.

RRLEW is the Rube Goldberg Machine of performance art. The solo project of NYC's Rachel Lewallen, when RRLEW throws down, it's really all the world that comes unhung where it had been painfully hooked by its twisted underpants. Now naked and pancaked, all breath knocked from us, Lewallen has only just begun.  With gesture, costume, electronics, dance, she suspends all rules allowing her undead audience to hover above that void from where the next breath better come... whether choking gasps or song, commands or dance, laughter, screams or silence will erupt next is existential dread and disbelief itself, a shared fate she unfolds in real time. Recordings will not tell it, you'll need to leave your twisted unmentionables, come off your hung-ups, and unforgettably see her show.

Frank's Tina Takes
“Armchair pathologist of the last century and beyond.” “Honest as a lunar landing and twice as close.” Laden with generational bait, Frank invites you to fake your first footsteps, run clear your history and delete your drive.