The Lab

The Lab is a nonprofit experimental art and performance space located in the Mission District of San Francisco.


Why does is the background of not load?

The background of our website is a live video feed of our space. The feed depends on both Flash and Javascript to run – check your privacy settings to always allow both programs to run on our site. The site runs best from a desktop, but basic functionality still exists on tablet or mobile devices.

How do I reserve tickets?

We sell advance tickets online through our website. If you experience trouble with reserving a ticket through our login portal it is likely because you have a duplicate record on file in our system – please use the forgot password link to recover your original account or email thelabsf[at] if you continue experiencing issues. When a show has not sold out we offer limited tickets for sale at the door (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover cards are also accepted). Please bring cash for any concessions purchases.

What time does the event start?

Events usually start 30 minutes to 1 hour after doors open. Please click through the event links to read the full content describing specific start times for events and especially for programs that occur on multiple days. Most events are finished by 11pm.

What about accessibility?

The venue has a wheelchair accessible entrance through the center doors of the Redstone Building (2940 16th Street). Those doors are locked after 5pm – please call or text 415-864-8855 to have those doors opened. We also offer 2 for 1 tickets for carers attending disabled customers and are more than happy to reserve you a seat or a space for a wheelchair if you need it. Please email thelabsf[at] with your purchase confirmation to make a reservation.

The website says X is sold out. Is that really true?

We release unoccupied seats 5 minutes before start time. If there are cancellations or no shows there is a chance that around 5-10 seats will become available. If you are interested in those seats please arrive early, form a queue, and wait for the will-call line to finish before requesting tickets.

I can no longer attend a show I bought tickets for. Can I get a refund?

We are happy to give refunds so long as we are given 48 hours notice before the event so that we can re-sell the tickets. Please note that for weekend events we need to be contacted by midday on Friday in order to process any refunds.

Is it OK for me to record/film/take pictures etc?

Generally, photos without flash are fine – tag #thelabsf and the artist if sharing on social media. Please check with us first before filming or recording so that we can get the performers' approval. Thanks!

How do I book a show at The Lab or apply for an exhibition/performance opportunity?

Our program is based on independent research and is curated 3–12 months in advance with a maximum of 3–4 events per month. Our very small staff cannot respond to unsolicited submissions, however we do listen to the recommendations of past artists and advisors who have pre-existing relationships with The Lab.

You say you pay artists a living wage. How does that work?

Unlike most larger or even mid-sized art spaces, the small size of The Lab ensures that 85% of staff time and all individual donations (including membership fees) go directly to paying and supporting artists rather than to covering administrative costs. Along with year-round multidisciplinary programs that pay artist fees that meet and often exceed W.A.G.E. standards, The Lab also commissions three major projects per year and these artists receive between $25,000 - $75,000 each. As a result, The Lab gives more than $120K, over 1/3 of its annual budget, directly to working artists each year. 

What equipment / furniture do you have on site?

You can see a full list here.